Hello there!

I am Adv. Dr. Subhash Ankush Aroskar

  • Family Court Advocate

  • VP of BJP Kokan Vikas Aghadi

  • Former Chief Manager at ONGC
    (Logistics & Legal)

  • Reiki Grand Master

  • Child Care Counsellor

  • Certified Patanjali Yoga Teacher

  • Supreme Estate Advisor

  • Ph.D Guide

  • Police Times Resident Editor

  • Film Producer

Beyond showcasing my professional journey, my achievements & services I offer, this website serves as a gateway to connect and collaborate.


    Being a Vice-President of BJP Kokan Vikas Aghadi - I aspire to lead with integrity, transparency, and a genuine dedication to the common good. Moving forward, I aim to expand the scope of my social activities.


    Empowering your journey towards mental well-being and personal growth through professional counseling & healing. Fearlessly advocating for your rights & amplifying your voice for positive change.


Find the personalised services
for you

Child Care Counsellor

Child Care Counsellor

Learn to deal with Child tantrums and anger issues. Guiding the development of good social and work habits.I am involved in child care counselling providing parenting assistance.

Family Court Advocate

Family Court Advocate

I am a Family court specialized Advocate Lawyer you can reach out to me for any legal issues and concerns. I can help you safeguard your rights and provide appropriate advice.

Reiki Grand Master

Reiki Grand Master

Reiki is considered a very effective form of healing, prevalent across the globe. I am a Reiki Grandmaster practicing over 25 years and has many healing experiences. You can reach out for healing with Reiki.

Real Estate Advisor

Real Estate Advisor

I am an experienced Real estate advisor operating in Mumbai, Pune and Kokan Region offering wide range of services to the clients including buying, selling,renting of real estate properties.

Yoga Teacher

Patanjali Yoga Teacher

Are you looking to enhance your physical and mental well-being? Look no further! I provide yoga teacher service to guide you on a transformative journey towards inner peace and balance.

PHD Guide

PHD Guide

I have completed my Ph.D. degree and offer PhD guidance services to Ph.D. candidates especially for Srilanka University and Manipur International University.

” हे ईश्वरा, सर्वांना चांगली बुद्धी दे, आरोग्य दे, सर्वांना सुखात, आनंदात, ऐश्वर्यात ठेव,
सर्वांचं भलं कर, कल्याण कर, रक्षण कर.. आणि तुझे गोड नाम मुखात अखंड राहू दे…!”

Sadguru Shri Vaman Rao Pai

Producer & Actor

Bombay War Hindi Movie 1990

Take a sneak peek into the scenes from the 1990 movie Bombay War where I played the role of advocate.

Take a look at my video journey about my introduction and the certification achievements.

Words of appreciation received from Son of Sadguru Shri Vaman Rao Pai Respected Pralhad Pai.

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